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Welcome to Kelly Gerling's Website for Organizational Change and Leadership Consulting and Facilitating

I'm an organizational change and leadership specialist who consults and facilitates with you and your organization to achieve YOUR goals for change


In our collective minds, a rainbow signifies an arc of our imagination that has a pot of gold at the end—our desired, exciting imagined future that simultaneously lures us towards it, and awaits our arrival.

If you want help with the important changes you imagine—the goals at the end of your rainbow—changes that would solve important problems—then you have come to the right place.

"It hurts to have problems—especially if the problems seem to have no end in sight."

When you are confronting an organizational problem in your organization—the most common experience is that of pain or frustration. It hurts to have problems—especially if the problems seem to have no end in sight. You want something to overcome the obstacles in the way. You may not know how to achieve solutions. But you know you want solutions. You want change. Over my career, my job has been to provide the processes, skills and interventions to overcome obstacles to change in organizations.

Which means, in short, that I'm a professional change agent. I've developed a particular set of skills over several decades of study and practice doing change work—skills that enable me to help you bring about change when it seems difficult or unlikely. I work as an organizational change agent to bring about organizational change through consulting, facilitating, with companies, family businesses, agencies and communities.

I work with individuals and organizations in several ways: at my office, by phone sessions, by video-conferencing sessions, and in the case of organizational clients, at their offices.

Powerful Counseling, Therapy, LIfe Coaching, Hypnotherapy
Mediation and NLP Skills & Methods for You

The powerful change skills that guide my work include inner skills and outer skills. Together, these skills help me to help my clients bring about better thinking and communicating towards achieving their goals for change. These skills are drawn from my research, understanding and experience in NLP, psychology, counseling, hypnosis, cognitive science, spirituality, literary narrative structures, and several other areas of knowledge. Since these change skills apply in the multiple contexts in which I work as a change agent, the skills also have their own area of the site called Theory & Practice.

Guided Imagery for Your Mission and Goals Using NLP

You are welcome to listen to the audio recording below where I offer guided imagery for discovering your mission, and achieving your goals in two 34 minute sessions. This recording comes from my published recording titled NLP: The New Technology of Achievement:

Graphical Flow Charts To Help YOU and or YOUR Organization Change

To see a whole array, a whole curriculum, of skills and methods for change (meaning development, growth, and transformation) take a look at my Values Based Leadership Flow Chart Page. It has links to two detailed flow charts, which are graphical front ends for showing key inner and outer skills for dealing with important situations you encounter. And it does so in the context of situations you may be experiencing. Through using these charts, you'll find dozens of skills, methods and procedures available for you. They help to bring out the amazing ability of people to make changes, for their own life, and for their relationships. How can you use these flow charts for change? By browsing around them and finding out how your goal or situation can be re-conceived, and your responses to that situation re-planned and rehearsed for your to achieve an intelligent and wise way of proceeding. There are a variety of healing skills and methods under the category "Victim Cycle Antidotes."

Kelly on Discovering YOUR Mission, Achieving YOUR Goals (30.6 MB)
Guided Imagery—Discovering YOUR Mission, Achieving YOUR Goals

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