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Explore overview—Kelly Gerling’s breakthrough, revolutionary organizational change services—new levels of employee commitment, customer satisfaction, innovation 


Explore this overview of Kelly Gerling’s breakthrough, revolutionary organizational change services for achieving new levels of employee commitment, customer satisfaction and innovation

In a changing economic environment, organizations need to adapt, to learn and to develop in order to meet the challenges they face. When they run into problems while implementing their strategies and plans, sometimes a thorough reassessment of the culture, the organization's assumptions, and the quality of relationships can help an organization go to the next level.

Such a reassessment can lead to a focus on organizational change. Why? To figure out how to bring about key organizational values that matter the most to success, values like cooperation, honesty, open communication, mutual respect and mutual trust. And a reassessment can determine the processes needed to fully live those values, both as ends in themselves—for ever-better employee satisfaction—and also for enhancing critically important organizational qualities like innovation, creativity and dedication by all to the organization's mission.

For engaging in such a reassessment; for identifying key values; for fulfilling those values; and for developing critically important organizational qualities, check out these services:

Organizational Change Services

     • Organizational Change Services Overview
     • Commitment, Innovation and Culture Change
     • Values Based® Leadership
     • Organizational Change Consulting
     • Leadership and Executive Coaching
     • Team Coaching
     • Retreats and Workshops
     • Organizational Conflict Mediation
     • Educational Innovation for Schools
     • Community Facilitation
     • Organizational Change FAQs

Backed by my many years of experience as an organizational change agent, these services may provide an accelerated way forward for you, your leadership, and your organization.

The links above as well as the top-level menus, navigate to the pages that describe the services. Just take a look at what interests you. That way, you can find the service that works for your organization's situation.

If you have any unanswered questions as you explore my organizational change services, just go to Organizational Change FAQs or contact me directly by phone or email. You can also look at this summary of my work to help support one of my client organizations Search for Values Article about Organizational Change in a fire department. You can also read a follow up article called Fulfilling Values—it summarizes, based on my experience, the necessary and sufficient conditions for fulfilling key organizational values such as trust, respect and open communication.






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