Organizational Change Consulting and Facilitating—Kelly Gerling PhD

Organizational Change Consulting

This page describes the organizational change consulting service Kelly Gerling offers. The service includes processes for values discovery, leadership skill development, communication enhancement, and values fulfillment.

Organizational change consulting consists of processes whereby I use my skills to help organizations formulate and achieve their goals for organizational change. My engagements with organizations normally last months and years, sometimes many years.

Fulfilling Organizational Values

One important process is to discover the organization's values. That involves many different processes such as value discovery sessions, surveys, and problem-solving meetings. Once the values are discovered and decided upon, the next step for an organization to engage in fulfilling organizational values is to develop the procedures and skills, throughout the organization, that specifically bring about the fulfillment of values. I've written about this process in great detail in two articles in Fire Chief magazine, one in 2006 (Search for Values) and the other in early 2009 (Fulfilling Values). Those articles are listed under Theory and Practice > Organizational Change Articles.

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