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Organizational Change FAQs

Read frequently asked questions or FAQs about Kelly Gerling's Organizational Change Services.

Do you work with clients over the phone?

Yes. And also by video-conference through Skype or Google+ Hangout; at my office in person; and at your offices in person.

How are your fees determined for organizational change services?

All fees are customized after discussions with the decision-makers in the client organization. Services are organized as a project to provide measurable progress for achieving and exceeding the client's objectives. Each situation is unique and fees vary according to the time, people, resources and situation with the client and with me or my team. Fee issues rarely prevent working on a client's leadership development needs and desires. Sometimes fees are negotiated based on times. Other times fees are based on a lump sum for a project, paid in phases of the project.

Can I speak to your other clients about the services you provided for them?

Yes, on a case-by-case basis, I can request whether a former client organization or leader would be willing to talk with interested potential clients.

What have your clients said about your work on leadership and organizational change?

I've posted a sample of some client comments on the right side of this page. Or you can click here to see those testimonials. 

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