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Portland Seattle Leadership Planning Retreats and Workshops

Customized Retreats and Workshops

Focusing on the unique needs and problems of your organization, I will develop a retreat workshop, or process to help your board, executive team, or work group to take the next step toward fulfilling your mission. This might involve:

• Achieving your short-term goals
• More fully practicing your values
• Explore how to make breakthroughs in leadership
• Develop a strategic plan
• Improve relationships and communication

I help individuals create and implement a leadership development plan with the help of surveys and interviews. 

Everything in a retreat or workshop for your team will be customized to your particular needs and situation. 

In addition to customized retreats and workshops, I have a well-developed workshop on Values Based Leadership or VBL, that I've offered to organizations. Each is three days long. And each can be customized in terms of content and length. They are described below.

Three-Day Values-Based® Leadership Workshop

This customized workshop will give you direct experience of the foundation skills of Values-Based® Leadership (VBL). In a retreat setting, I will guide you and your group through learning experiences that will acknowledge and affirm what you already do well, and then bring out more of your capabilities for leading. The process involves a series of challenging and fun learning experiences. They include structured exercises, values discussions and team building activities.

You'll explore a vision of the future of your organization that comes from your people themselves. You'll create a learning community by bringing about a fun atmosphere. You'll explore the inner thinking skills of great leaders. You'll practice specific strategies for leading in important business situations. And you'll learn how to fully live personal and organizational values. The end result is the development of enhanced leadership intelligence for each participant and the group.

Objectives of the VBL Foundation Skills Workshop

• Integrate effective leadership thinking and communication skills into daily job responsibilities.

• Integrate effective leadership processes throughout the organization, so people take responsibility for achieving the objectives of the organization and practicing organizational values and principles.

• Enhance communication, effectively resolve conflicts and further develop the team spirit.

• Develop a mission that describes the fundamental purpose of the organization.

• Develop a vision of the future that describes where the organization wants to be and what it wants to be doing.

• Help participants create a culture where leaders emerge throughout the organization.

• Identify values, principle and strategies within the organization that relate to fulfilling your organization's vision.

The team will take the leadership skills they learn from the retreat and exercise discipline in practicing those skills on a daily basis.

Three-day VBL Workshop Steps

1. Vision and Values of the Organization: Where the Organization is Going and How to Get There.

2. Overview of the VBL Theory: Understand the Skills of Leadership that Fulfill Values

3. Community Building: Teamwork Activities Bring out the Spirit of the Group.

4. Skill Practice: Demonstrations, Role playing, Games and Exercises.

5. Apply Skills on Real Issues: Leadership Development Laboratory.

6. Follow up Planning: How to Continue the Progress.


Advanced Values Based® Leadership Workshop

Building on the previous three-day workshop, Advanced Values-Based® Leadership assists your group in deepening and further developing both your inner and outer leadership capabilities.

Specifically, we will develop and practice eight inner leadership capabilities and eight outer capabilities. We'll learn how to apply them in nine universal organizational situations.

We'll focus on the inner awareness necessary to prevent the five kinds of victim behavior that erode leadership, cause morale to deteriorate and bring about a "victim cycle" or vicious circle. Participants learn to pause when their values are violated and to disagree without being disagreeable. Furthermore, you will learn explicit methods to heal the underlying causes of these behaviors. Using VBL skills, differences can then become the primary source for the innovation and creativity that leads to greater organizational prosperity. This happens through practicing the VBL victim cycle antidotes.

Each person becomes much more accountable for the achievements of the whole organization with each person participating at near 100%. 

The main objective of the Advanced VBL Foundation Skills Workshop is to advance the participants to active application of VBL skills in their real work lives.

Advanced VBL Workshop Steps

1. Deepen the skills of VBL

2. Access your Skills: Pinpoint developed and undeveloped areas

3. Apply Skills on Real Issues: Expanding the Leadership Development Laboratory

4. Explore Victim Cycle Antidotes and Healthy Self Development

5. Follow up Planning: How to Continue the Progress.

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