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Team Coaching



Imagine your teams going to the next level.

Team Coaching gives your organization a powerful set of skills for teams to solve problems, achieving better communication, and create a culture of innovation.

Team Coaching  gives groups within organizations a powerful set of inner and outer skills for leadership and change. With these skills, groups enhance their communication, their capacity for innovation, and their sense of loyalty to the organization's mission.

Here are some of the processes that I use in my Team Coaching process:

Group Conversations: Learning to have effective group conversations (what some call "group dialogues") which enable everyone to be heard. One method to bring this about is to use a "talking ball" to slow down conversation, enabling anyone who has the ball to have the floor.

Six-Step Model for Problem Solving: Becoming skilled in a six-step process for mediating, negotiating and problem-solving. By using such a process, members of a group always have a method on which they can rely for overcoming any problem or turning any conflict into agreement.

Discovering Values: Discovering a clear set of values that can form the basis for a code of conduct or way of dealing with differences.

Fulfilling Values: Group members learn explicit and effective to fulfill their own or their organization's values. This involves processes of open communication to make sure the workload and the hierarchy of authority don't get in the way of voicing problems and speaking candidly of grievances.

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