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Theory and Practice Overview


Learn a range of theories and methods for my practice.
Read my synthesis of ideas about the greatest phenomena
in the known universe—
the mind which knows the universe
and potentially, itself.

The services described elsewhere on this site for personal and organizational change offer my direct assistance with your situation. In contrast, this section on the Theory and Practice of change is for you to use directly, for the purposes of change, right here on this website.

The information here provides you with my favorite theories for a scientific, intellectual foundation for personal and organizational change. Also included are my favorite methods and techniques for the practice of change. The theories and techniques of practice offered here are for you to use at your leisure.

Here are the categories of Theory and Practice for change, with a brief description:

Theory and Practice Sections

Kelly's Theory of Thinking and the Mind

This section explores my ideas of the origins and functions of the human mind. It describes my synthesis of what the human mind is, how it works, and how to connect the underlying realities of human thinking into the outer actualities of personal and organizational change.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming—NLP

NLP is a set of methods that guide my work. Learn more about this amazing field of practice. Listen to Kelly's audio recordings about NLP.

Organizational Change Flowcharts

The organizational change flowcharts give you a visual format for deciding which theory and which technique to use for the problem you are addressing and the goal you are achieving for helping you change and improve your organization.

Organizational Change Articles

The articles in this section consist of published articles I've written (and some that have been written about my work) which have applications for organizational change, leadership development, and more.









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